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The information displayed on the LiatBola website and its supporting elements are protected by copyright law. Like most image elements owned by gettyimages and Google which are used only to provide information and not for commercial purposes and some images belong to the editor of LiatBola.

Anyone who abuses/uses/prints the entire contents or parts, reproduces, modifies, or uses it in other ways without written permission from LiatBola may be subject to applicable criminal provisions.

Every material taken from LiatBola is required to give credit to LiatBola by including the logo or writing and providing a link for each material used.


All news contained in the LiatBola page, both written by the author of LiatBola, and other approved authors are presented as is, their contents and responsibilities are with the author. It is also strictly forbidden to copy all news content from LiatBola without written permission.

Material from Readers

LiatBola is not responsible for material uploaded or written by users, readers or writers, whether in the form of comments, photos, profiles and so on. LiatBola has the right at any time to delete anything written by users or authors without prior notice if there are known policy violations.

Author Contributions

LiatBola only accepts news or articles from authors who create material with complete personal data. This is done to avoid complaints / demands. This is the responsibility of the contributors/writers for each material written. The incoming material will undergo a selection and editing process in accordance with the assessment of the LiatBola admin. Received posts will be added to the update page and will include the name of the contributor/author for each material created.

The income will be received by the author in accordance with the terms of the agreement between LiatBola and the contributors/authors. (Click here to register as a contributor/author of LiatBola)


The image element used to write a post or page must have permission from the copyright owner. Please observe the terms and conditions that apply to use these elements.


LiatBola only serves contact with readers through the pages provided. Only contacts with complete personal data will receive a response from LiatBola. The confidentiality of your data will be fully guaranteed.


LiatBola reserves the right to add or subtract rules and conditions without prior notice.

Last updated on January 01, 2020